Chop Shop Custom Drums are made from 100% North American Rock Maple shells from Keller wood products. Chop Shop used ultra thin 6-ply shells for toms, 8-ply for bass drums, and 10-ply for snare drums. Although reinforcing rings are available, Chop Shop does not recommend using rings. The shells are constructed in a cross lamination design which gives them a great strength. Rings are not needed for strength, and will significantly raise the pitch of the drum, and cause unwanted overtones. They may also “choke” the drums.

We cut our bearing edges with a double 45° precision cut. Other cuts and roundovers are available at customer request. Solid Brass mini-mass lugs are standard. These lugs are small and only use one screw through the shell to minimize hardware on the shell. To improve resonation of the shell itself, 2.3mm super hoops are standard. Hardware is available in chrome, brass (gold), and black. Powder coated custom colors also available.

The Chop Shop badge is standard on all drums and is constructed out of machined, brushed aircraft aluminum, and laser engraved. Custom badges and name badges are also available.

Even our vents are super heavy duty. Gauger Aluminum R.I.M.S. are available on all drums. Wraps and stains are standard. Laquers and custom art is available.

Snare Drums

Chop Shop Custom Drums makes snare drums in all sizes and depths, from 6” to 14”.

2.3mm super hoops are standard, die cast hoops are available by request. (Additional charges apply)

Chop Shop Drums is proud to use the Nickel Drumworks throw off as standard equipment on all snare drums. Snare drums are 10-ply maple shells. Tube lugs are recommended on snare drums, however, many lug styles are available.

Snare drums are available in any finish, and custom graphics and powder coated hardware is available. Vented snare drums are another option Chop Shop brings you.


Although we have covered most of the most popular options Chop Shop offers, we will do anything you can dream. Just call for a custom consultation, and let us make your dreams a reality.