Lucas van Merwijk produces #1 iTunes tribute record for cancer diagnosed brother

Lucas van Merwijk, the legendary Award-winning Latin drummer, produced a timeless album for his brother during his final months living with cancer. Sold out within the hour, the collaborative ode of the Dutch crème de la crème in music and arts is a pedestal to Van Merwijk’s brother. One of the finest, critical, hated and beloved musicians, painters and comedians the country has ever seen. And they all sing his songs…

Lucas van Merwijk produced the ode to his older brother in record time.

Studio takes were cut to 1.5 hours for each in the All-Star Celebrity line-up from Holland. All happening while the second wave of the Corona disease was spreading. A majestic effort headlining the news for over a week with appearances on TV and radio shows.

For the album, each celebrity recorded their favorite song from Jeroen’s catalog. The closing track, appropriately, is where Jeroen is heard playing a track named My Friend Death (transl: Mijn Vriend De Dood).


The iTunes Hit, TV and the Official Video

After a full week in the iTunes Top #100, the official video for the album was launched on YouTube.

First, here is Lucas his tear-jerking performance Live on Dutch Television with Jeroen attending the show via a live connection from his home in France.

Ik kan je dromen – Lucas van Merwijk + band
After this popular Dutch TV show, sales on literally exploded.

Talking to Drummerszone, Lucas said he had to order several thousand copies more. His webshop is still working overtime.

On vocals is Jeroen van Merwijk’s old friend, singer and Dutch icon Harrie Jekkers.

The Anomaly: Jeroen van Merwijk
Jeroen van Merwijk is literally one of a kind. An anomaly in all of the creative arts. When learning about his brand-new state of life with cancer, he immediately wrote a book on his disease: ‘Cancer for beginners.’

As Lucas his older brother, Jeroen van Merwijk wrote over a 1,000 songs, performing them throughout his many theater tours, giving people either laughs or sheer resent on the various and hilarious topics he finds relevant. Regardless of – and rather against – any mainstream public view, and always with his personal twist.

Knowing this about Jeroen his extremely talented, varied, and creative character, it is no surprise all celebrities and close friends did not even hesitate to share their talents honoring their friend on this album. The initative from Dutch nestor in comedy, Herman Finkers, had each artist learning their favorite song from Jeroen van Merwijk and record it in no-time.

Among the musicians are many Dutch legends. With Lucas playing all the drums. His daughter, the talented drumming, singing and Drums United-member Gianna Tam, takes care of the background vocals. Lucas’ son Charlie created the drum beats

for the track All Man Must Die (transl: Alle Mannen Moeten Dood).

Next greats are guitarist Ed Verhoeff, Latin Grammy Award winning trombonist Ilja Reijngoud, bass hero Boudewijn Lucas and Mike Boddé, a comedian also known for hosting classical piano sessions on Dutch television.

Order ‘Leve van Merwijk! Vrienden Zingen Jeroen’
In English, the album title translates to ‘Long live Van Merwijk! Friends singing Jeroen’. All vocals are in Dutch.Featured musicians
Ed Verhoeff, Boudewijn Lucas, Nico Brandsen, René van Barneveld, Wim Both, Ilja Reijngoud, Mike Boddé, Diederik van Vleuten, Kees Torn, Martin van den Berg, Sjako!’s Wouter Planteijdt, Gianna Tam, Charlie den Hertog and Lucas van Merwijk.

Featured Dutch artists & comedians
Bavo Galama, Diederik van Vleuten, Mike Boddé, Kees Torn, Jack Spijkerman, Joep van Deudekom, Viggo Waas, Peter Heerschop, Eddie Wahr (NUHR), Dolf Jansen, Paul van Vliet, Pieter Bouwman, Erik van Muiswinkel, Katinka Polderman, Hans Dorrestijn, Herman Finkers, Mylou Frencken en Harrie Jekkers.

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Lucas van Merwijk uses
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Remo drumheads
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Pearl drums
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