At Chop Shop Custom Drums we pride ourselves on making the finest truly custom drums available today. We start with the finest North American Rock Maple drum shells, ultra thin and cross laminated. We the cut ultra precision bearing edges for unsurpassed sonic resonance. We then apply the finish. From the largest collection of wraps, to custom stains and lacquers, to ultra custom graphic artwork, we offer it all. Once the finish is applied, we then drill the shells for our low mass solid brass, machined, one piece, super strong lugs. The lugs will not rattle under any circumstances. We add the finest 2.3mm super hoops money can buy, and we are proud to use Aquarian drum heads as standard equipment on all of our drums. We are also proud to use Nickel Drumworks piston action throw offs on all of our snare drums as standard equipment. We believe these are the best throw offs and we are sure you will too.
At Chop Shop, truly custom means truly custom. If you can dream it, we can do it. From custom finishes and graphics, to custom or powder coated hardware, to conceptual set ups, we simply do it all. We also offer birch, acrylic, titanium, brass, steel, and aluminum drums.

At Chop Shop Custom Drums, your drums are custom built for you. Our badges have our logo and your name printed right on them. Makes sense, you designed them, we built them, just for you. So indulge yourself, you deserve it.

The Chop Shop story begins in the summer of 2002, when professional drummers, Brian Cocivera and Larry Corbett met while working in the drum department of Guitar Center in Tempe, AZ. The two men instantly became the best of friends, and decided that they should go into business for themselves. The two self-described “Drum Nerds” decided that with their vast knowledge of drums, both from a building and touring drummer’s perspective, they could create drums of unsurpassed sonic and dependable quality. Additionally, they could add visually stunning finishes, and important element to the drum kit that they agreed was being ignored by major manufacturers. “There were all of these companies that call them selves ‘Custom Drum Builders’. They offer one style of lugs, 10 colors, and the same edges on all of their drums. How custom is that?” asks Cocivera. “Our idea of custom is, we work with the customer from the consultation through the design process, into the production and until the completion of the product. Every single move we make has been at the customer’s request or approval. We make truly custom drums.”

So make custom drums they do. But the customer’s involvement does not end when they pick up their finished custom creation. Brian and Larry also insist on servicing the drums themselves. From repairs to adjustments, additions or changes. Customers are often shocked when they receive a phone call from Larry and Brian months after their purchase. “We call to check in, make sure the drums are all they hoped for, and that there aren’t any problems with the drums.” says Corbett. “We are like on-call drum techs for our customers. We can walk a customer through most any situation over the phone. When we can’t, we insist the customer bring the drums back in so we can service them.”

Unparalleled quality and customer service is what Chop Shop Custom Drums is all about. After all, their first order was from a customer who had ordered a kit from a major manufacturer, and was promised his drums would arrive on a specific date. That date came and passed. The retail store who placed the order said the company extended the date by six to eight weeks. The drum company did not return the customer’s phone calls. “They had the ball, the money in the bank. They over promised and under delivered. They dropped the ball. We picked it up and ran with it. We took their money and we have never looked back.” chuckles Cocivera. “We took money from a very established company, because they forgot their values. We still have the invoice on our office wall so we never forget.”

In addition to outstanding customer service, Chop Shop Custom Drums also pride themselves on the quality control of the drums themselves. In fact, a drum will not leave the shop until the inside of the drum has been signed by both Brian and Larry. “It is the final two quality control points.” says Cocivera. “We inspect the drums individually and our signatures are our guarantee of quality.”

They guarantee the quality because they have developed what they agree are the best all around drums available today. “Our edges are precision, our hardware is flawless, our finishes are beautiful and durable. These drums rock. Period.”

Thanks for choosing Chop Shop!