Famous Musician Jhon Petrucci and His Guitar


John Peter Petrucci or John Petrucci is a world-famous guitarist. John began to study guitar when he was 12 years old. He is an American guitarist known as a forming member of the progressive metal group Dream Theater. John is also a producer (with band mate Mike Portnoy) of all Dream Theater albums since the release of the album Scenes From A Memory, in 1999. Petrucci was much influenced by guitar playing by guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, Iron Maiden, Steve Ray Vaughn, and large groups. Such as yes, rush, Dixie dregs and others he began determined to reach the level of play like them.


Guitar Memoris John Petrucci


John Petrucci’s first guitar made by Ernie Ball Music Man was “JP6”. The guitar that started using his signature was made a dozen years ago or rather in 2001. “I tell a lot in Dream Theater music through the guitar. After all this is an instrument to save human expression. Just imagine if music is only made with a machine. There will be no pure expression played directly by humans,” he said.


Over the years, according to him, he has used a variety of guitars. However, he now ends with Music Man, as does John Myung, the bass player at Dream Theater. Music Man John Petrucci 6, which is still mass produced, has a dimension of 31.8 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, and measures 94 cm long.


Its own weight is 3.29 kg with basswood wood body material, and finishing high gloss polyester so it looks shiny. Neck length of 64.8 cm with a radius of 38.1 cm, and headstock size of 14.9 cm. Neck itself is made using maple wood, while fingerboard made from rosewood for the standard, or use ebony for the Stealth Black edition. The finishing itself is gunstock oil plus a special hand-rubbed wax blend. One other special addition is John Petrucci’s floating tremolo custom.